Disclosure Policy

1. Basic Policy

Information regarding the Soiken Group is disclosed in an appropriate way in a timely manner to all stakeholders, from shareholders to customers and suppliers, in order to help them gain a deeper understand of the Group and to ensure transparency of management. We also listen to our stakeholders and endeavor to appropriately reflect their opinions and requests in our management.

2. Disclosure Standards

In addition to information that is required to be disclosed by laws and ordinances, we ascertain which information is required by stakeholders and which information will be useful in understanding the Soiken Group, and actively endeavor to make such information available.

3. Method of Disclosure

We disclose information that is required to be disclosed under laws, ordinances, and other regulations in accordance with the procedures stipulated therein. When doing so we select methods of disclosure that are appropriate given the nature of the situation, such as press releases, briefings, interviews, responses to individual inquiries, and disclosure via the Internet.

4. Investor Relations

Public relations activities are carried out for stock market participants, including shareholders, investors, and analysts, in accordance with this Disclosure Policy and our IR Policy, as determined elsewhere.