About Us

About Us

Management Philosophy

Building on the evidence gained using the biomarker technology originating from Osaka University, the Soiken Group strives to keep medical costs down and improve people's lifestyles by helping them to achieve healthy and comfortable lives.

The management philosophy of the Soiken Group is to "commercialize the outcomes of medical science research to help people live safe and healthy lives." Accordingly, the Group is actively seeking to utilize university research outcomes in a way that will benefit everyone in their daily lives, so that people can lead safe and healthy lives with fewer medical expenses and an improved quality of life.

In Japan, against the backdrop of an aging population and a declining birth rate, and with the associated increase in medical costs, there is a heightened public awareness regarding health. The concept of evidence-based medicine, which aims for a more appropriate and efficient use of the medical system, has also become widespread. This has led to the desire for evidence-based medicine to be practiced in fields such as pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, and healthcare-related services.

To this end, the Group is dedicated to using the high level of medical knowledge and research capabilities and the know-how and experience in gaining authoritative evidence to develop products and services that can help people maintain and improve their health and ensure that medical resources can be utilized more efficiently. Our network with doctors and medical associations and the neutrality and our public nature as a university-based venture business also give us an advantage.