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About Us

Business Strategy, Business Model

Business Strategy

Our Strengths

The focus of the Soiken Group's research is the development of biomarkers and related bioassay systems that can be used to objectively and quantitatively evaluate the state of diseases and the human body. With our roots in academia, our unique strengths include the know-how and experience in building and utilizing evidence gleaned from many years of clinical evaluation of products such as foodstuffs based on this biomarker technology, as well as our infrastructure and the broad network of contacts we have developed in the field of medicine.

Our Business Strategy

In Japan, confronted by increasing medical costs and our demographic challenges, the streamlining of medical care and the promotion of preventive medicine are fast becoming issues that require urgent consideration. Furthermore, the need for healthcare products and services is also increasing overseas—especially in emerging nations—and the demand for evidence in fields such as medicine and foodstuffs is becoming evident.

In response to this demand, in addition to developing and selling our own products, we promote evidence-based medicine by supporting other companies that are trying to develop such products. We also provide marketing support and products and services to promote preventive medicine and the streamlining of medical care based on the same principles.

Business Model

The Soiken Group has been extending its business model, focusing on evidence based on biomarker technology in order to meet the diverse needs arising from the current demographic situation in Japan, where funds are tight in the National Health Insurance scheme due to increased healthcare spending on the elderly. Presently, we are involved not only in development and marketing, but also in contracted services, provision of materials, technology licensing, and product sales in the fields of medicine, food, cosmetics, and healthcare services.