Corporate Social Responsibility


CSR Activities

An overview of the CSR activities of the Soiken Group.

1. Donations

With the aim of contributing to the furtherance of medical research and thereby improving people's lives, we offer donations to university researchers in light of factors such as our business performance and the content of such research.

2. Involvement in Academia

We participate in the activities of various academic societies in order to exchange and disseminate academic information to ensure that we can maintain the level of knowledge required to remain relevant in our business activities in terms of the latest advances in medicine and pharmacy. We also join and support other organizations and their members that share the common goal of promoting the efficient and appropriate management of the medical system and engaging in initiatives regarding preventive medicine.

3. Hosting and Sponsoring of Seminars and Symposia

We are actively engaged in the promotion of evidence-based medicine, education regarding preventive medicine, introduction of the latest research findings, and promotion of new evidence-based products and services through the hosting and sponsoring of various events, such as seminars and symposia.

4. Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support

Following the Great East Japan Earthquake, in order to assist the reconstruction effort and bring relief to the victims, we made a donation through the Japan Red Cross Society. We also sent people in the area Imidapeptide beverages.

5. Creating a Women-friendly Workplace

As many of our staff members are women, especially in the cosmetics business, we are making efforts to be more accommodating to their needs. Measures include flexible work-hours for parents that go beyond what is legally required.

6. Website Based on Universal Design

This website has been created in compliance with universal design standards to ensure that as many people as possible can easily access the information we provide.