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About Us

Corporate Profile, History

Corporate Profile

Company Name Soiken Holdings Inc.
(Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Index; TYO: 2385)
President Kentaro Ishigami (Profile)
Directors Osami Kajimoto (Profile)
Osamu Tanabe
Tomohiro Sugino
Masao Sumida
Masakazu Nakajima
Audit and Supervisory Board Members Kazuhiro Hayashi (full-time)
Naoji Ichida
Reiri Furutani
Head Office

13F, Senri Life Science Center, 1-4-2 Shinsenri-higashimachi, Toyonaka, Osaka 560-0082, Japan (Map)

Contact Tel: +81-6-6871-8888
Fax: +81-6-6871-8899
E-mail: soiken@soiken.com
Founded July 1994
Capital 18.36 million yen (as of June 30, 2021)


The Soiken Group is a bioventure originating in Osaka University that was founded by Director Osami Kajimoto in July 1994 to contribute to the research and development of new pharmaceutical drugs and functional foods by developing biomarkers and related bioassay systems. Mr. Kajimoto currently serves as a specially appointed professor at the Department of Medical Science on Fatigue, Osaka City University Graduate School of Medicine, but he also serves as a director of Soiken Holdings with the approval of the university.

July 1994 Founded as Soiken Inc. in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture with capital of three million yen to develop biomarkers and related bioassay systems for the clinical development of pharmaceutical drugs.
June 1996 Relocated head office to Ch?? Ward, Osaka City. Japan Clinical Systems Inc. (now a consolidated subsidiary) founded to sell functional foods and to plan and sell medical devices.
April 2001 Relocated head office to Toyonaka, Osaka Prefecture.
December 2001 Restructured as Soiken Inc.
May 2002 Business alliance formed with Soiken Clinic.
June 2003 Signed research outsourcing contract with Osaka City University to develop anti-fatigue foods and drugs and analyze their effect using new biomarkers.
July 2003 Branch office opened in Minato Ward, Tokyo.
October 2003 Project initiated to quantify fatigue levels and develop anti-fatigue foods and drugs.
December 2003 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Index.
December 2005 Virus Ikagaku Kenkyusho Inc. (now a non-consolidated subsidiary) established to commercialize fatigue biomarkers using viruses.
January 2006 Evidence Labo Inc. (now a consolidated subsidiary) established in a joint venture with Hakuhodo Inc. to conduct marketing research and post-marketing surveys of Food for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU) via websites.
July 2006 Bb Laboratories Inc. and two other companies (now consolidated subsidiaries) acquired to enter the cosmetics business.
January 2007 Divisions spun off into a separate company as Soiken Inc. (now a consolidated subsidiary), with the former Soiken Inc. becoming a holding company under the name of Soiken Holdings Inc. to improve group management efficiency and enhance corporate governance.
May 2005 Japan Clinical Systems Inc. renamed Japan Preventive Medicine Inc. to commercialize and sell functional foods for medical institutions, and made a consolidated subsidiary by underwriting a rights offering.
February 2008 Tokyo branch relocated to Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo.
May 2015 Capital alliance formed with Chinese cosmetics company Beautyplus Holdings Hong Kong Limited to build a cosmetics sales partnership in the Chinese market.
June 2017 NRL Pharma Inc. (a company engaged in the development and sale of functional materials centered on lactoferrin) made a consolidated subsidiary.


Kentar? Ishigami, President

Born January 5, 1973

April 1996
Joined Nippon L・C・A Ltd.
June 2005
Joined Soiken's Affairs Department.
November 2007
Appointed director of Japan Preventive Medicine Inc.
September 2009
Appointed president of Japan Preventive Medicine Inc (incumbent).
September 2015
Appointed director of Soiken.
January 2018
Appointed president of Soiken (incumbent).

Osami Kajimoto, Director

Born March 24, 1962

March 1994
Completed doctoral course at Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine (Doctor of Medicine).
July 1994
Became president of Soiken Inc.
June 1997
Leaves Soiken Inc.
July 1997
Appointed instructor at the Health Center of Osaka University of Foreign Studies.
December 1999
Appointed assistant professor at the Health Center of Osaka University of Foreign Studies.
December 2002
Appointed part-time director of Soiken (incumbent).
April 2004
Appointed visiting assistant professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Osaka City University.
November 2005
Appointed assistant professor at Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine.
May 2007
Became specially appointed professor at the Department of Biomarker and Molecular Biophysics, Osaka City University Graduate School of Medicine.
May 2010
Became specially appointed professor at the Department of Medical Science on Fatigue, Osaka City University Graduate School of Medicine (incumbent).