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About Us

Message from the President

Needs are increasing in the areas in which we hold key expertise.

President Shinya Koike

The Soiken Group began as a bioventure originating from the Faculty of Medicine at Osaka University. With a focus on biomarker technologies, we provide tests for the clinical evaluation of mainly foodstuffs and have contributed to many Food for Specified Health Use (FOSHU) approvals. Based on this biomarker technology, we have grown our business model around the concept of evidence-based medicine. Our businesses include evidence-based marketing support for foodstuffs and support for clinical research regarding pharmaceutical drugs. We also develop and sell cosmetics and dietary supplements and provide contracted services, such as supporting health insurance societies in giving specific health guidance.

In June 2017, we made NRL Pharma Inc., a company engaged in the development and sale of functional materials centered on lactoferrin, a consolidated subsidiary. This has allowed us to expand into the development of functional materials. In the past, our Group focused on finding new materials developed by other companies to commercialize and market on the basis of existing evidence. From now on, we plan to take advantage of the synergy with NRL Pharma to engage in the development of new materials.

We have, in the course of our business, accumulated a great deal of experience and know-how in the building and utilization of evidence. We have also developed an extensive network throughout the medical world, which we believe gives us a unique advantage.

In Japan, medical expenses continue to increase against a background of an aging population. We can see from the promotion of evidence-based medicine and the 2008 introduction of systems such as specific health checkups and specific health guidance, which focus on metabolic syndrome, that the trend toward preventive medicine is accelerating in both the public and the private sector. Consumer awareness and government regulation of healthcare products such as cosmetics and dietary supplements are increasing, so there is an increasing need for products backed by evidence. Generally, demand for healthcare products increases after a nation's economy attains a certain degree of prosperity. Demand for such products is increasing in emerging countries mainly in Asia, and sales in the Chinese cosmetics market are increasing particularly quickly.

From the above, we can see that there is an increasing need for the kind of advantages that our Group possesses. We will continue to discern what the market wants, and use our resources to provide products and services that contribute to the efficient use of medical resources and the improvement of the health of the general public, all the while proceeding with a focus on evidence.

In closing, I would like to thank you all for your kind and ongoing support.

Shinya KoikeShinya Koike